How I am handling the “Drivers License” Tax

It’s all TAX!

Most people do not think of the drivers license and other fees associated with our car, truck or van as a “tax” but that is precisely what it is.

It’s a tax for participating in a method and mode of commerce called “transportation”.

Back in mid-January 2019, armed bandits harassed me and gave me several documents we will consider “bills of attainder” (a violation of the state and federal constitutions). These are commonly known as traffic tickets or notice of infraction(s).

I do not have and do not wish to have a “drivers license” as my research has revealed that only professional drivers might require such an instrument.

So what did the state Department of License do? Theft my property (identity) and create a DL number and account without any permission! Further the pseudo-judge signed an arrest warrant!

What I did was write the kangaroo kourt clerk, the man acting as pseudo-judge and just today, I wrote the woman acting as director at the Washington Department of License with a Cc to her boss, the man acting as governor . The example of the notice sent today is below.

I created this letter using the information contained in the two video also posed below! Both contain great templates but the newer one contained an “Arbitration Clause” I felt could be used to our advantage in a letter containing an acceptance of the Oath of Office.

I’ve already mailed it out and await their response. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when they read it!

Near Spokane Valley, without Washington

Tuesday, fifth day of March 2019

Attn: Teresa Berntsen

℅ Department of Licensing Director

P.O. box 9030; Olympia, Washington 98507

RE: Acceptance of Oath / Conditional Acceptance upon Proof of Claim/ Notice of liability

Greetings Teresa,

Notification of liability is the first essential element of due process of law. As silence is acquiescence under the law, silence can only be equated with fraud where there is a lawful or moral duty to speak, or where an inquiry left unanswered would be misleading, whether intentionally or not.

Be it therefore known by these presents, that I, malika-mbele, a competent natural born woman upon the land, do hereby and herein give formal Notice of Acceptance of the mandated Oath of Office of the above named PUBLIC SERVANT, Teresa Berntsen.

The said Oath of Office being your open and binding and irrevocable offer, to which my acceptance does hereby ratify into a firm and binding, private, bilateral contract between us, by which you agree to uphold the Supreme Law of the Land, also known as the Constitution of the united States of America with the Bill of Rights, and to perform all of your duties as a PUBLIC SERVANT, and to uphold and to protect all of my rights, by which I agree to receive the said, and the implied protections and provisions of that law, and of my rights, both as and of the services of your office, as the valuable consideration passing between us that consummates the acceptance of the contract as it was offered.

In order to ensure unequivocal clarity, and to effect the removal of any and all assumptions and presumptions, you are hereby put on notice that this notification is not directed to the legal fictional person, Director of the Washington State Department of Licensing, but to you, Teresa Berntsen, in your private capacity as a non-fictional entity who has sworn an Oath of Office, and who, by virtue of that Oath, has a mandate to serve the People that are of the Public.

Responses that are immaterial or irrelevant to the subject matter, or that are generally non-substantive, will be treated merely as a provision of information, and lawfully as a non-response, with willful intent to defraud.

This notice is to also inform you, Teresa Berntsen, that a trespass has been committed against my Creator endowed rights by and through the organization of which you are the director.

The trespass is by way of administration and use of my private property [MALIKA M. DUKE] to create an account [WDL55555555] with this agency without contract or just compensation.

Without proof of claim as an expressed contractual authorization from the lawful executor of the above mentioned property, any use is theft, infringement, wrongful conversion and unjust enrichment.

Unless such original verified contractual agreement is produced, I require immediate closure of any account and removal of all likeness of my private property from this agency database.

If the trespass is not halted within 10 days of receipt of this notice, this is a notice of liability for damages against named person, in her private capacity and the assets of the Department of Licensing institution in the amount of $ five hundred (500) Federal Reserve Notes per day from the date [January 25, 2019] of the initial trespass.

This Acceptance of Oath/ Conditional Acceptance upon Proof of Claim/ Notice of liability is not subject to the discretion of the court, named respondent or, other recipients. Any objection to or rejection of this notice is required to be by sworn statement as to why and under what authority Teresa Berntsen is NOT required to accept this contact, or advise me to of any defect you may find and provide your bond in support of your position. Failure to do so will be certified as fraud on your part pursuant to United State vs Tweel 550 F.2d 297, 299-300 (5th cir 1977)

This Acceptance of Oath/ Conditional Acceptance upon Proof of Claim/ Notice of liability is made in good faith and explicitly without recourse. The contract now between us, now irrevocably consummated, pertains to your having knowledge of the law, and having the power to stop a wrong, and thus the duty to stop a wrong from being done, particularly where such a wrong results in, or causes any deprivations to my religious freedoms, and/or my civil rights, and/or my natural rights and liberties, the deprivation of which in whole or in part, shall be deemed a breach of contract, a violation of substantive due process, a breach of public trust, and a breach of fiduciary duty, all or any of which you shall be held liable for, without recourse and without further notice.


Malika-mbele as executrix for MALIKA M. DUKE

Cc: Governor Jay Inslee

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