Never Pay Excise and Ad Valorem Tax Again

See most unsuspecting people never read any other the laws that we think we are following. We have never been told otherwise so we presume ourselves to be law abiding so long as the boogiemen doesn’t come harrass or arrest us.

However, like with most things I’ve researched, the truth is were we are most likely to NOT look. It’s right in the definitions of the “laws” we simply haven’t read.

Paying property tax is one of those things which most people have accepted as if it was a way of life. However, most people are unaware as to why they pay property tax in the first place. If you knew why you pay this tax, you could then choose whether or not to pay it, because like all taxes in this country, the property tax is not a mandatory tax. If you knew the truth, would you continue to pay? That’s for each of us to decide after knowing the facts!

Some of us will assume that property tax goes to support education, and if we don´t pay the property tax then you don´t care anything about educating our children. This is the cry of all good socialists, the enemies of America and the principles of limited government and natural rights.

Money is the fuel for tyrannical bureaucracies. When a system (like education) is failing to properly educate our children, but rather is making them into mindless, unthinking, docile, obedient servants of government, effective slaves for the work force, then by fueling the system you are simply guaranteeing that it will continue to do what it is doing. If the results of the current system are undesirable, then stop giving it fuel and it will cease to operate.

Lawfully Stopping AdValorem Tax is Easy.

America was established so that the People need not ever pay any tax, unless he wished to do so.

There are only two kinds of taxes – direct and indirect. Direct taxes are prohibited by the Constitution – not once but twice. Direct taxes are taxes on that which you already own, and there may be no direct taxes under any circumstances short of a state of war, and then only if the taxes are equally apportioned among the Union states.

So what is the Ad Valorem “property tax”?

It is an indirect tax, levied because you have voluntarily used government services, and also because your property has been classified as a piece of commercialproperty.

There is no law requiring a real property owner to record his property with the County Recorder. Don´t believe me. Go ask a Realtor, the Recorder County or County Counsel. Therefore, when you do record your property, you are VOLUNTEERING to use government services which you are not required to use. Your property tax goes to pay for those services.

When you record your property, you enter into a Trustor/Trustee relationship, in which your real property has been transferred into a government trust, and you are given authorized permission to use their property.

Further, your property tax is based on a commercial classification which has been assigned to your real property. I guarantee you that your property has been classified as either agriculturalindustrial, or residential. Each of these is commercial in nature (the legal definition of “resident” is a class of government official; residential is a house in which a government official lives).

Law MaximEntity can only control what it creates.
God>People>government>resident persons

Here’s someofwhat I put together for the research I’ve done on the Ad Valorem Property Tax hoax in Washington state:

Ad Valorem Tax is found under Title 35A RCW OPTIONAL MUNICIPAL CODE; Chapter 35A.84 RCW TAXATION—PROPERTY; RCW 35A.84.010 Procedure and rules relating to ad valorem taxes which points to Title 84.

Title 84 [RCW 84.04.010] “Unless otherwise expressly provided or unless the context indicates otherwise, terms used in this title shall have the meaning given to them in this chapter.”

“The meaning of a “person” subject to this chapter is, “Person” shall be construed to include firm, company, association or corporation.[ RCW 84.04.075]

RCW 84.09.070 Authority of operating agencies to levy taxes. Nothing in this title may be deemed to grant to any operating agency organized under chapter 43.52 RCW, or a project of any such operating agency, the authority to levy any tax or assessment not otherwise authorized by law.

The Supreme Court has made it clear that, “It is axiomatic that the statutory definition of the term excludes unstated meanings of that term. Colautti v. Franklin, 439 U. S. 379, 392, and n. 10 (1979).

As judges it is our duty to construe legislation as it is written, not as it might be read by a layman, or as it might be understood by someone who has not even read it.” Meese v. Keene, 481 U.S. 465, 484-485 (1987). Further, “The term ‘includes’ and ‘including’ do not exclude things not enumerated which are in the same general class.” –27 CFR 72.11.

Therefore the man or woman assessing the AD VALOREM TAX LEVY is unauthorize, and with all of its consequences, becomes fully personally liable for the unconstitutional collection of taxes resulting in harm, infringement upon and deprivation of rights [18 U.S.C. § 242; Deprivation of rights under color of law].

“The County is liable for any employee violating the takings clause of the Fifth Amendment by trespassing.” [Monterey v. Del Monte Dunes, 526 US 687 (1999), 143 L.Ed. 2d 882 S.Ct. (1998)].

“Private property is owned and controlled by private individuals. There is no monetary or proprietary interest that a government at any level has in controlling property belonging to a private individual. The property owner decides with whom he/she wishes to negotiate, procure a contract, dispose of or improve property.” [Jones v. Mayer Co., 392 U.S. 409 (1968)].

Similar wording in tax statutues and codes exist in every state in the union. Just grab the most recent ad valorem property tax “statement” (notice they don’t call it a BILL?) and research the code numbers on it. Same federal case law and costitutions are applicable to stop the corruption.

The terms “natural person/individual” do not and cannot be lawfully construed in a manner that allows a statutory (codes and rules) definition’s interpretation to “include” We the People to the same legal classification as that of a “legal entity” when we are acting privately on our own behalf. We must actually be acting as an authorized officer, agent, employee, fiduciary, or trustee of one or more of the specific types of legal entities specifically listed in the same definition that we are inferentially being alleged/alleging to represent. It is imperative we realize that most public servant don’teven read these code much less apply of this kind of logical reasoning when it comes to the statutory interpretations and applications ofcodes. We the People are being unlawfully subjected to on a daily basisby our “servants” who sware to prevent this type of enfringment.

[read this article about how to comprehend the legalese terms “include and including” by Eddie Craig.]

I suggest it’s time to start having open dialog with these public servants of ours. Time to start asking some clarifying qustions about how to correctly list our noncommercial, nonresidential, property as PRIVATE, which is immune from levy OR remove it from the County tax roll completely. Not to mention refunds for any previously paid taxes and damages for violation of rights!

Since our property has been re-classified, without our permission, for the sole purpose of taxation. This is the firm basis for a lawsuit.

Let’s get these folks off our back for good. Below is a sample letter to send to the Tax assessor, tax collector and their boss at the Department of Revenue of the state. Although it is unlikely the heathens willbe brought to heel afterinitial contact it serves another purpose. One is to get signatures for liability to the lies and or incompetence they will respond with:

“Greetings John (tax assossor/taxcollector name),

I; a [wo]man; one name; believe there is an error with the tax assessment on my nonprofit, noncommercial private property. I am a nonresident, nonperson, not a taxpayer, nor exercising a taxable privilege. Therefore i am not liable for Ad Valorem property tax pursuant to ___[Washington]___ State constitution, County Situs and [STATE CODES; Title; Tax Chapter found on tax statement] (see attachment).

I wish to remove my noncommercial, nonprofit property from the __________ County Tax Roll.

Are you the man who can correct this problem?

I require your rely in 10 days to settle this matter.

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  1. peace and blessings malika, give th’ankhs for your information, but I am not clear as to how this will apply to my circumstances outside the state of Washington.


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